What I Do

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Online Drum School - DrumX

On my 18th birthday, I started teaching regularly. I launched my online drum school DrumX in October 2022. We provide an individualized practice schedule for each level in just a few clicks.
Check out drumx.com for more details.

During my studies at the Popakademie in Mannheim, I was taught by one of the best drummers in the world, Anika Nilles, Jost Nickel, Uda Dahmen and Lui Ludwig.

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Fortunately, I have the privilege to be able to make professional drum recordings in my own Studio in Munich (Germany) for customers worldwide. Scroll down to see my references.



Playing live has always been a huge part of my life. I love playing with my current projects, and I am always open to new experiences.I am currently playing with Philippa Kinsky, Youth Okay, Fofana Jo, Das Ding ausm Sumpf, Aggressive Swans, Marie, JuWi, Like Standards, Mirror Lane and The Book Covers. Scroll down to take a look at upcoming and previous concerts.


I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to record drums in my own home studio at all times.¬†

If you want my drumming on your recording, contact me. ūüôā

My Gear

I proudly endorse Zildjian, Vic Firth, Aquarian & Vision Ears


  • Sonor SQ2 Drum Set (22×20 Kick, 10×8/12×10/14×14/16×16 Toms)
  • Ludwig Vintage 1979 Classic (24×14 Kick, 13×8, 14×9, 18×16 Toms)
  • Sonor Champion Vintage (22×18 Kick, 12×8, 13×9, 15×16 Toms)
  • No Name Vintage Set(probably DDR kit) (22×20 Kick, 13,8, 14,9, 16×16 Toms)
  • Sonor Jazz & Hip-Hop Kit (18×18 Kick, 10×8/12×10/14×12/14×14 Toms)
  • Sonor Extreme Force (22×20 Kick, 10×8/12×9/14×14/16×16 Toms)


  • Sonor 14×5,25 Signature G.Harrison
  • Ludwig 14×5 Supraphonic from the 1970th
  • Pork Pie 13×7 Rosewood Zebrawood 
  • Trojan 14×7 Maple Custom Snare
  • Pearl 13×6,25 Sensitone Brass Snare
  • DMJ Custom Drums 14×7,5 Maple & Bubinga
  • Pearl 13×7 Snare (that used to be a tom)
  • Sonor 14×5,5 Extreme Force
  • No Name 14×5,5 (Phat)
  • Sonor 12×4 Snare


*DISCLAIMER: Links included in this description might be affiliate links. If you purchase a product or service with the links that I provide I may receive a small commission. There is no additional charge to you!



Upcoming Gigs

  • 25.01.2024 Matija. M√ľnchen
  • 03.02.2024 Like Standards. M√ľnchen
  • 03.02.2024 The Book Covers. Lost Weekend. M√ľnchen
  • 10.02.2024 Mojo August. M√ľnchen
  • 13.02.2024 The Book Covers. Kilians. M√ľnchen
  • 16.02.2024 Aggressive Swans. Live Evil. M√ľnchen
  • 24.02.2024 Alex Bender. Kupferhaus. Planegg
  • 28.02.2024 WizTheMC. Ampere. M√ľnchen
  • 29.02.2024 WizTheMC. Wien
  • 05.04.2024 The Book Covers. Kennedys. M√ľnchen 
  • 23.04.2024 Fahrlaend. Blackbox. M√ľnchen
  • 27.04.2024 Fofana Jo. Heidelberg
  • 03.05.2024 Fofana Jo. Mannheim 
  • 11.05.2024 Aggressive Swans. M√ľnchen
  • 28.05.2024 Matija. Paris (supporting Great Gable)
  • 30.05.2024 Matija. Rotterdam (supporting Great Gable)
  • 31.05.2024 Matija. Wudzdog Open Air
  • 06.06.2024 Matija. Hamburg (supporting Teenage Dads)
  • 07.06.2024 Matija. Berlin (supporting Teenage Dads)
  • 08.06. Matija. M√ľnchen Munich Sessions Festival
  • 08.06.2024 Diana Goldberg. Actionella Festival. M√ľnchen
  • 10.06.2024 Matija. Wien (supporting Teenage Dads)
  • 12.06.2024 Matija. M√ľnchen (supporting Teenage Dads)
  • 14.06.2024 Matija. Aarau (supporting Teenage Dads)
  • 21.06.2024 Lechufer. Gaierwally. Elbigenalp (A)
  • 22.06.2024 The Book Covers. Kilians. M√ľnchen
  • 04.07.2024 Matija. M√ľnchen. European Cup Fan Festival
  • 06.07.2024 Matija. Bochum Total
  • 18.06.2024 Matija. Magdeburg
  • 20.07.2024 Fahelaend. Kultruspektakel Gauting
  • 20.07.2024 Matija. Holzkirchen
  • 26.07.2024 Diana Goldberg. Muffathalle. M√ľnchen
  • 15.08.2024 The Book Covers. Privat
  • 03.10.2024 Like Standards. Riem

17.02.2023 The Book Covers. Lost Weekend. M√ľnchen

18.02.2023 The Book Covers. Unifest. M√ľnchen

26.02.2023 The Book Covers. Allianz Arena. M√ľnchen

01.03.2023 Like Standards. Streaming

03.03.2023 Katha Pauer. Ampere. M√ľnchen

06.03.2023 Lechufer. ORF Studio. Tirol

11.03.2023 Aggressive Swans. Import Export. M√ľnchen

23.03.2023 Leo Poldau. Popakademie. Mannheim

24.03.2023 The Book Covers. Kilians. M√ľnchen

15.04.2023 Matjia. Odeonsplatz. M√ľnchen

15.04.2023 Caro & Patrick. Kilians. M√ľnchen

21.04.2023 Sophia. Luxor. Köln

22.04.2023 Sophia. Brotfabrik Frankfurt

23.04.2023 Sophia. Täubchental. Leipzig

27.04.2023 Sophia. Privat Club. Berlin

29.04.2023 Jens Huthoff. Bad D√ľrkheim

30.04.2023 Philippa Kinsky. Friedrichshafen

03.05.2023 Fofana Jo. Heidelberg

05.05.2023 The Book Covers. Kennedys. M√ľnchen

11.05.2023 Katha Pauer. Hamburg

13.05.2023 Max Grund Club Band. Bingen

20.05.2023 Marie. Campus Open Air. Konstanz

20.05.2023 Das Ding aus Dem Sumpf. Kempten

26.05.2023 Jazz Night. Lost Weekend

28.05.2023 Killians. M√ľnchen

03.06.2023 Loi. Leipziger Stadtfest. Leipzig

08.06.2023 Katha Pauer. Mittweida

14.06.2023 Kerfor. Berlin

16.06.2023 Katha Pauer. Erfurt

18.06.2023 Fofana Jo. Geisenfeld

18.06.2023 Katha Pauer. Tollwood. M√ľnchen

21.06.2023 Diana Goldberg. Fete de La Musique. Berlin

21.06.2023 Kerfor. Fete de La Musique. Berlin

21.06.2023 Kerfor. Fete de La Musique. Berlin

23.06.2023 Aggressive Swans. Midsommer Open Air

01.07.2023 Aggressive Swans. Lost Weekend. M√ľnchen

01.07.2023 Yaris Maffay. M√ľnchen

05.07.2023 Diana Goldberg. Heidelberg

07.07.2023 Katha Pauer. L√ľneburg

08.07.2023 Das Ding aus Dem Sumpf. Lindau

08.07.2023 Sophia. Schaan. Lichtenstein

09.07.2023 Sophia. Rubigen (CH)

13.07.2023 Fofana Jo. Mannheim

14.07.2023 Mirror Lane. M√ľnchen

15.07.2023 Katha Pauer. F√ľr Hilde Festival

19.07.2023 Mille. Popakademie Mannheim

20.07.2023 Leo Poldau. Popakademie Mannheim

21.07.2023 Katha Pauer. F√ľr Hilde Festival

22.07.2023 Katha Pauer. Oben Ohne. M√ľnchen

23.07.2023 Katha Pauer. Deichbrand Festival

27.07.2023 Matija. Muffathalle. M√ľnchen

28.07.2023 Katha Pauer. enzland Festival. M√ľhlacker

29.07.2023 Katha Pauer. My Buddy Festival. Mannheim

30.07.2023 Katha Pauer. SNNTG Festival. Sehnde

04.08.2023 Sophia. Kurpark. Bad F√ľssing

05.08.2023 Sophia. Burg Clam. Sperken (A)

11.08.2023 Matjia. Vektol Festival. Marktoberdorf

12.08.2023 Elijah. Kirchheimbolanden

18.08.2023 Fofana Jo. Mannheim

23.08.2023 The Book Covers. Riem Arcaden

24.08.2023 The Book Covers. Riem Arcaden

25.08.2023 The Book Covers. Riem Arcaden

25.08.2023 Aggressive Swans. Live Evil. M√ľnchen

26.08.2023 The Book Covers. Riem Arcaden

26.08.2023 The Book Covers. Kilians M√ľnchen

31.08.2023 The Book Covers. Kennedys M√ľnchen

01.09.2023 Rorkrach Festival

08.09.2023 Sophia. Baden Baden

09.09.2023 The Book Covers. Regensburg. Privat

14.09.2023 Caro Kelly. Ampere. M√ľnchen

29.09.2023 The Book Covers. Baden-Baden

02.10.2023¬†Maxout. Bayerischer Hof. M√ľnchen

03.10.2023¬†Maxout. Bayerischer Hof. M√ľnchen

04.10.2023¬†Maxout. Bayerischer Hof. M√ľnchen

06.10.2023 Like Standards. Stadthalle Schwabm√ľnchen

07.10.2023 Maxout. Wörthsee

13.10.2023 The Book Covers. Kilians. M√ľnchen

25.10.2023 Katha Pauer. Cologne Music Night. Köln

27.10.2023 Seda. Mannheim

27.10.2023 Fofana Jo. Mannheim

28.10.2023 Alex Bender. M√ľnchen

11.11.2023 Fahrlaend. Sound Of Munich Now. M√ľnchen

15.11.2023 Fofana Jo. Mannheim

17.11.2023 Lechufer. Außerfern (A)

28.11.2023 Like Standards. Tresor Vinum. M√ľnchen

29.11.2023 Matjia. Mainz

30.11.2023 Matjia. Regensburg

01.12.2023 Matjia. Passau 

02.12.2023 Matjia. M√ľnchen

05.12.2023 Matjia. N√ľrnberg

06.12.2023 Matjia Hamburg

07.12.2023 Matjia. Hamburg

08.12.2023 Yaris. M√ľnchen

14.12.2023 Matjia Wien

16.12.2023 Matjia √úbersee

22.12.2023 Marie Bothmer. Rosenheim

23.12.2023 Marie Bothmer. Rosenheim

17.03.2022 Mirror Lane. Kilians. M√ľnchen¬†

24.03.2022 Leo Poldau. Popakademie Mannheim

29.03.2022 Like Standards. Gilching

01.04.2022 The Book Covers. Kennedys. M√ľnchen

13.05.2022 Philippa Kinskey. BASF Feierabendhaus. Ludwigshafen

20.05.2022 Youth Okay. Campus Open Air. L√ľbeck

24.05.2022 Laura Lato. Popakademie Session

28.05.2022 Jens Huthoff. Frankenthal 

03.06.2022 Like Standards. Chiemsee

11.06.2022 Mola. Zirkus Krone. M√ľnchen

17.06.2022 Mirror Lane. Stustaculum. M√ľnchen

18.06.2022 Mola. Campus der TH Deggendorf. Deggendorf 

24.06.2022 Aggressive Swans. Lost Weekend. M√ľnchen

25.06.2022 Youth Okay. Ab Geht Die Luzti Festival

29.06.2022 Like Standards. Pasinger Fabrik. Pasing

30.06.2022 Mola. Linz (A). Johannes Kepler Universität

01.07.2022 Mola. Kaufbeuren. Sound am Markt

02.07.2022 Youth Okay. Festival Holledau

03.07.2022 Mirror Lane. Tollwood. M√ľnchen

11.07.2022 Agressive Swans. Fox Bar. M√ľnchen

16.07.2022 Mola. Red Bull Pure Sound. Kassel

19.07.2022 Ju/Wi. Popakademie Mannheim

21.07.2022 Philippa Kinskey. Popakademie Mannheim

22.07.2022 Philippa Kinskey. Alte Feuerwache. Mannheim

22.07.2022 JU/WI. Alte Feuerwache. Mannheim

24.07.2022 Youth Okay. Kulturknall. Murnau

27.07.2022 Philippa Kinskey. Mannheim

29.07.2022 Lechufer. Lechzeit. Klimm (A)

30.07.2022 The Book Covers. M√ľnchen

03.08.2022 Philippa Kinskey. Alt √Ėtting.

05.08.2022 Night Tunes. Karlsruhe

06.08.2022 Night Tunes. Freiburg

10.08.2022 Youth Okay. Open Flair. Eschwege

12.08.2022 Fofana Jo. Mannheim

18.08.2022. The Book Covers. Riem Arcaden. M√ľnchen¬†

19.08.2022. The Book Covers. Riem Arcaden. M√ľnchen

20.08.2022. The Book Covers. Riem Arcaden. M√ľnchen

20.08.2022. The Book Covers. Lost Weekend. M√ľnchen

25.08.2022 The Book Covers. Kennedys. M√ľnchen

27.08.2022 Rorkrach Festival Mannheim. Live Jam

02.09.2022. The Book Covers. Kennedys. M√ľnchen

03.09.2022 Night Tunes. Mainz

11.09.2022 The Book Covers. Ludwigstra√üenfest. M√ľnchen

17.09.2022 Jose Fambo. Festival. Mannheim

30.09.2022 Mirror Lane. Glockenbachwerkstatt. M√ľchen

15.10.2022 Jens Huthoff. Bad D√ľrkhei

¬†21.10.2022 Alex Bender. M√ľnchen

22.10.2022 Das Ding aus Dem Sumpf. Geislingen an der Steige.

26.10.2022 Philippa Kinsky. FUX Förderpreis Preisverleihung. Mannheim

28.10.2022 Fofana Jo. Nachtwandel. Mannheim

04.11.2022 Youth Okay. Hamburg. Indra

05.11.2022 Aggressive Swans. Weltraumstudios. M√ľnchen

09.11.2022 Das Ding Aus Dem Sumpf. Ampere. M√ľnchen

17.11.2022 Youth Okay. Regensburg. 

19.11.2022. Youth Okay. Pforzheim 

23.11.2022. Trille. Das Werk. Wien

26.11.2022 Trille. Häkken. Hamburg

27.11.2022 Trille. Monarch. Berlin

29.11.2022 Like Standards. Tresor Vinum. M√ľnchen

03.12. Beats Per Munich. Starnberg

03.12. Beats Per Munich. Starnberg

07.08.2022 Modern String Quartett. M√ľnchen

08.08.2022 Modern String Quartett. M√ľnchen

08.12.2022 Youth Okay. M√ľnchen

14.12.2022 JuWi. Work In Progress. Popakademie. Baden W√ľrtemberg

16.12.2022 Beats Per Munich. Residenz. M√ľnchen

16.12.2022 Beats Per Munich. Residenz. M√ľnchen

19.12.2022 Beats Per Munich. Auferstehungskirche. M√ľnchen

19.12.2022 Beats Per Munich. Auferstehungskirche. M√ľnchen

17.05.2021 Mirror Lane. We Stream Muc. M√ľnchen

20.07.2021 Philippa Kinsky. Popakademie. Mannheim

25.07.2021 Youth Okay. Kulturspektakel Gauting

07.08.2021 Mirror Lane. Rindermarkt Sommerfest. M√ľnchen

20.08.2021 Lechufer. Lechtal (A)

21.08.2021 Lechufer. Lechtal (A)

15.08.2021 Mirror Lane. Aperol Event Praterinsel. M√ľnchen¬†

02.09. 2021 Youth Okay. Privat

04.09.2021 Hochzeit Judith von Andrien (komplette musikalische Begleitung des Gottesdienstes)

10.09.2021 Like Standards. M√ľnchen

18.09.2021 The Book Covers. Hofbr√§ukeller. M√ľnchen¬†

24.09.2021 Like Standards. Chiemsee

15.10.2021 Mirror Lane. Digital Analog. M√ľnchen¬†

17.10.2021 Like Standars. Rosenheim

13.11.2021 The Book Covers. Kilian‚Äôs. M√ľnchen¬†

04.01.2020 Youth Okay. Zauberberg. Passau

05.01.2020 Youth Okay. Noisehausen News Year’s Bash

14.02.2020 Liviaa. Popakademie Live. Mannheim

15.02.2020 Leopoldau. Popakademie Live. Mannheim

15.02.2020 Philippa Kinsky. Popakademie Live. Mannheim

14.02.2020 Marco Infinito. Popakademie Live. Mannheim 

27.02.2020 International Business and Songwriters Week. Popakademie Mannheim

13.08.2020 Lechufer (A- LechZeit)

14.08.2020 Lechufer (A – LechZeit)

24.09.2020 Youth Okay. Sound of Munich Now. M√ľnchen

03.01.2019 Aggressive Swans. Muffalhalle. M√ľnchen

05.01.2019 Fabo Piano. Zenith. M√ľnchen

09.02.2019 50s Finest. Augsburg

03.04.2019 Aggressive Swans. VolksKlub M√ľnchen

04.04.2019 50s Finest. Gruson St√ľberl. M√ľnchen

03.05.2019 Youth Okay. Willos Festival. Oberg√ľnzburg

03.05.2019 You & Me, Gasolin. Feierwerk S√ľdpolstation. M√ľnchen

20.05.2019 Aggressive Swans. Milla Club. M√ľnchen

23.05.2019 Youth Okay. Sunny Red. M√ľnchen

24.05.2019 Youth Okay. Cassiopeia. Berlin

25.05.2019 Youth Okay. Astra Stube. Hamburg

05.06.2019 Youth Okay. Cord Club. M√ľnchen

18.06.2019 Youth Okay. Tunix Festival. M√ľnchen

29.06.2019 50s Finest. Augsburg

05.07.2019 Youth Okay. Rohrkrach Festival. Mannheim

06.07.2019 50s Finest. Murphys Bar and Club. Miesbach

20.07.2019 King Pigeon. M√ľnchen

30.07.2019 Youth Okay. Backstage. M√ľnchen

03.08.2019 King Pigeon. Gersthofen

10.08.2019 King Pigeon. Seenachtfest. Konstanz

06.09.2019 Youth Okay. Easy Am Hang. Pforzheim

14.09.2019 King Pigeon. Isarinselfest. M√ľnchen

11.10.2019 Youth Okay. Astra Stube. Hamburg

12.10.2019 Youth Okay. Medusa. Kiel 

17.10.2019 Youth Okay. Alte Mälze. Regensburg

19.10.2019 LORiiA. Gasteig. Digital Analog Festival. M√ľnchen.

23.10.2019 LIVIJA. Popakademie Work in Progress. Mannheim

26.10.2019 Youth Okay. Kupferdächle. Pforzheim

30.10.2019 Ledikids. Popakademie. Mannheim

02.11.2019 Youth Okay. Strom. M√ľnchen¬†

07.11.2019 Youth Okay. Zauberberg. Passau

09.11.2019 LORiiA. Sound of Munich Now. Munich

27.11.2019 Philippa Kinskey. Popakademie Work in Progress. Mannheim

27.11.2019 Elias Walch. Popakademie Work in Progress. Mannheim

30.11.2019 Aggressive Swans. Weltraumstudios. M√ľnchen

11.12.2019 Youth Okay. Campus Fest Winteredition. Regensburg 

12.12.2019 Youth Okay. Köln 

21.12.2019 Youth Okay. Backstage Werk. M√ľnchen

01.18 Heroine Twin. 8 below Bergfest. M√ľnchen

20.01.2018 Heroine Twin. Backstage. M√ľnchen

20.04.2018 Strays. Soundcafe. M√ľnchen

20.04.2018 Heroine Twin. Soundcafe. M√ľnchen

28.04.2018 private

30.04.2018 Heroine Twin. M√ľnchen

04.05.2018 Heroine Twin. Backstage. M√ľnchen

05.05.2018 Heroine Twin. Streetlife. M√ľnchen

11.05.2018 Aggressive Swans. LostWeekend. M√ľnchen

19.05.2018 Strays. My Festival. M√ľnchen

01.06.2018 Aggressive Swans. Stustaculum. M√ľnchen

02.06.2018 Strays. Stustaculum. M√ľnchen

16.06.2018 Aggressive Swans. Midsommer. Festival Hub

30.06.2018 Heroine Twin. Backstage Halle. M√ľnchen

06.07.2018 Jakob & Ikarus. Uni Sommerfest. M√ľnchen

13.07.2018 Theia. Soundcafe. M√ľnchen

14.07.2018 Jakob & Ikarus. Wien 

15.07.2018 Jakob & Ikarus. Passau

20.07.2018 Like Standards. M√ľnchen

22.07.2018 Jakob & Ikarus. Kulturspektakel. Gauting

22.07.2018 Heroine Twin. Kulturspektakel. Gauting

03.08.2018 Aggressive Swans. Munich Session Festival. M√ľnchen

01.09.2018 Jakob & Ikarus. Isarinselfest. M√ľnchen

04.09.2018 Jakob & Ikarus. 25h Hotel. M√ľnchen

04.10.2018 Jakob & Ikarus. Glockenbachwerkstatt. M√ľnchen

13.10.2018 Naked Superhero. Eulenfest. Einbuk

19.10.2018 Aggressive Swans. Digital/Analog Festival. Gasteig. M√ľnchen

20.10.2018 Fabo Piano. Reithalle. M√ľnchen

27.10.2018 Fabo Piano. Postpalast. M√ľnchen

03.11.2018 Naked Superhero. Vorstadt Sound. Erlangen

25.11.2018 Sophia Zoe. Reithalle. M√ľnchen

03.12.2018 Jakob & Ikarus. Tollwood. M√ľnchen

08.12.2018 50s Finest. Weilheim

03.2017 BigBand des Feodor-Lynen-Gymnasiums. Kupferhaus Planegg. 

06.05.2017 Heroine Twin. Sonic Erding

16.07.2017 Klarinettenchor der Musikschule Planegg. Marktplatz Open Air. Planegg

22.07.2017 Heroine Twin. Gautinger Kulturspektakel 

08.2017 Strays. Murnau

09.09.2017 Heroine Twin. M√ľnchen

15.09.2017 Heroine Twin. Schnibbelparty. Glockenbachwerkstatt. M√ľnchen

30.09.2017 Heroine Twin. Subkultur. F√ľrstenfeldbruck

06.10.2017 Jazz Live. Lange Nacht der Musik W√ľrmtal. Krailinger Brauerei

08.10.2017 Heroine Twin. Garage Deluxe. M√ľnchen

28.10.2017 Theia. Neuhausener Lange Nacht der Musik. Puro Gelato

02.12.2017 Heroine Twin. JUZ Gauting

16.01.2016 Strays. New Years Rock. Garage Deluxe. M√ľnchen

20.02.2016 Strays. Mini Mayr Gedächtniskonzert. Murnau am Staffelsee 

17.07.2016 Strays. MOP. Planegg

24.07.2016 Strays. Kulturspektakel. Gauting

26.11.2016 Strays. Backstage. M√ľnchen

30.04.16 BigBand des Feodor-Lynen-Gymnasiums. Kupferhaus. Planegg 

07.2016 BigBand des Feodor-Lynen-Gymnasiums. Planegg 

07.2016 BigBand des Feodor-Lynen-Gymnasiums. 25 Jahr Feier

19.11.2016 Chris Furtner. Rock im Wirt. Krailing

19.11.2016 Chris Furtner. Garage Deluxe. M√ľnchen

12.2016 BigBand des Feodor-Lynen-Gymnasiums. Kupferhaus Planegg. 

03.01.2015 Suffocate The Silence. Garage Deluxe M√ľnchen

24.02.2015 Suffocate The Silence. Backstage. M√ľnchen

13.02.2015. Suffocate The Silence. Mini Mayr Gedächtniskonzert. Village Habach

27.05.2015 Suffocate The Silence. Soundcafe. M√ľnchen

11.07.2014 Strays. Garage Deluxe. M√ľnchen.¬†

01.08.2015 Strays. Stadtfest Aichach

09.10.2015 Strays. Aquarium. M√ľnchen

14.11.2015 Strays. Backstage. M√ľnchen. EP¬†

12.12.2015 Strays. Cord Club. M√ľnchen

12.2015 BigBand des Feodor-Lynen-Gymnasiums. Kupferhaus Planegg

02.2014 Suffocate The Silence. Backstage. M√ľnchen¬†

09.04.2014 Suffocate The Silence. JUZ Puchheim

11.04.2014 Suffocate The Silence. Backstage Halle. M√ľnchen

02.05.2014 Suffocate The Silence. Muc-King. M√ľnchen

05.2014 Loft M√ľnchen

30.05.2014 Suffocate The Silence. Muc-King. M√ľnchen

31.05.2014 Suffocate The Silence. Feierwerk. M√ľnchen

12.07.2014 Suffocate The Silence. Innsbruck. D-A-CH Tour

20.07.2014 Suffocate The Silence. Krailinger Kult-Art

26.07.2014 Suffocate The Silence. Kulturspektakel Gauting

01.08.2014 Fortnight Circus. Kulturfestival. Gräfelfing

13.08.2014 Suffocate The Silence. Chiemsee Summer Festival 

19.09.2014 Suffocate The Silence. Soundcafe. M√ľnchen

11.10.2014 Suffocate The Silence. Straßenfest Pasing Nord 

15.12.2005 Die ganz jungen Götter. Benefizkonzert

2006 Klavierkonzert

2007 Klavierkonzert 

2008 Klavierkonzert

2009 Klavierkonzert

2009 Die Ganz jungen Göttern

12.2009 BigBand des Feodor-Lynen-Gymnasiums. Kupferhaus Planegg

07.2010 Klavierkonzert

07.2010 BigBand des Feodor-Lynen-Gymnasiums. Kupferhaus Planegg

12.2010 BigBand des Feodor-Lynen-Gymnasiums. Kupferhaus Planegg

07.2011 Klavierkonzert

07.2011 BigBand des Feodor-Lynen-Gymnasiums. Kupferhaus Planegg. 

12.2011 BigBand des Feodor-Lynen-Gymnasiums. Kupferhaus Planegg

22.03.2012 Suffocate The Silence. 7. F√ľrstenrieder Bandfestival¬†

06.2012 Unknown. Gr√ľnzing¬†

06.2012 Suffocate The Silence. Gasthof Böck. Unterbrunn

06.2012 Unknown. Gasthof Böck. Unterbrunn

07.2012 Klavierkonzert

07.2012 BigBand des Feodor-Lynen-Gymnasiums. Kupferhaus Planegg

14.03.2013 Suffocate The Silence. 8. F√ľrstenrieder Bandfestival

26.04.2013 Suffocate The Silence. Muc-King. M√ľnchen

20.07.2013 Suffocate The Silence. Planegg

25.07.2013 Suffocate The Silence. Sommerfest. Max-Born-Gymnasium 

27.07.2013 Suffocate The Silence. Kulturspektakel Gauting.

07.2013 Klavierkonzert

27.09.2013 Suffocate The Silence. Soundcafe. M√ľnchen

09.11.2013 Suffocate The Silence. JUZ. Gräfelfing 

07.01.2023 The Book Covers. Kilians. M√ľnchen

20.01.2023 The Book Covers. Kilians. M√ľnchen

25.01.2023 Paul Jacobi. Popakademie Baden-W√ľrttemberg¬†

29.01.2023 Marie. Bandpool Vorspiel. Popakademie Baden-W√ľrttemberg¬†

08.02.2023 Jazz Combo. Lost Weekend. M√ľnchen

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